About Us

Maxi's Computers Corporation is an old school IT Consultancy company founded in July, 2003. The idea was originally imagined to set a small IT support business with a limited customer quantity.

Virtual Webhosting® Servers

Since 2010 MCC™ has been providing a unique cloud-based hosting service called ‘Virtual Webhosting®’ to several regional customers and SoHos. Our hosting servers are multi-platform, and are remote management capable, that gives to the user the possibility to connect to their wished OS and their own dedicated server.

Networking Solutions

MCC™ offers Networking Infrastructure solutions for your business. Such as structured cabling following IT International standards such as: EIA/TIA 568ª & B, also supporting the EIA/TIA 802.11 a/b/g/g+/n y 802.16 standards.

Software Solutions

MCC™ Offers customized software solutions for People and SoHos. Following the latest software standards and trends, pointing to the Cloud-Based Technology, we offer reliable and affordable solutions for our customers worldwide, with the best and personalized after-sale support and warranted products.

IT Support

Get your system up to date,clean and fast by our IT technicians, we can do all the maintenance work for you, simple and easy.

Media and Publicity

MCC™ offers social media plans, to get your company known worldwide, we have strong marketting plans, and we are also partnered with other Publicity Agencies, and directly with YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, Groove Music, Google Play Music, Apple Music, Shazam and many others.

Professional Recording Studios

MCC™ has it's own Recording label and music studios, we give new artist several opportunities.

More about us

Since then we have been providing an increasing variety of services related to IT. Such as Helpdesk Support, Remote Support, Website design, Webhosting and all IT & infrastructure related support. We are planning to improve our service to a higher level customers worldwide. We are glad for your visit to our website, explore the services offered and do not hesitate to contact us.